2Real Roleplay Information


2Real Roleplay was first developed around 2012 by Mac-10 and Damien (If I recall correctly). The server closed down due to one of the staff members banning all the players and stealing the old 2r-rp domain, The server is now being re-made by Jueix.


Back when we first opened in 2012 we had on average a player base of 30 - 50 players in the morning (UK time) and around 80 at night, The most we ever had was around 106. We were also the first ever server to introduce a furniture system for houses.

What makes 2r-rp unique

We are re-making the whole script from scratch and plan on listening to the players. If players want something removed or added we will do it, If they think someone isn't right for the staff team or abusing there powers they can vote to get them removed.

2Real Roleplay developmen progress

Watch some of our development progress on youtube, also you can find development progress and updates on our forums.